ISAAC   CHOI |Concept Artist|

Concept artist with four-years of experience in big and small studio system. Dedicated team-player with a strong eye for design and color.  

Otis College of Art & Design
Digital Media BFA 2008 with Honor
2001-2003 with Regent’s Scholarship
Molten Games  | Concept Artist
October 2013 - March 2014 ■ San Diego, CA
Designed mood boards, concept arts, paint-overs, helped 3D artists with textures.

  • Project Blunderbuss (Unreleased)
Computer Skills

Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator
Familiar with Maya, 3D Max, Unreal, After Effects
Psyonix  | Concept Artist
November 2011 - July 2013 ■ San Diego, CA
Helped drive art direction, designed mood boards, concept arts, paint-overs, UI elements.

  • Nosgoth (PC)
  • Arc Squadron (Mobile)
Language  Skills

Fluent in Korean
Time Gate  | Concept Artist
November 2009 - October 2011 ■ Houston, TX
Designed mood boards, concept arts, paint-overs.

  • Section 8: Prejudice (PC, Console)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marine (PC, Console)

Freelance | Concept Artist
December 2008 - November 2009 ■ Lake Forest, CA
Provided concept art services to clients

Phone | 949 599 5155
Email |
Disney Interactive Studios  | Undergraduate Associate
July 2008 - December 2009 ■ Glendale, CA
Worked on high-level concepts for various video games, provided art assets for presentations.

*Reference available upon request
Otis College of Art & Design  | Teacher’s Assistant
August 2006 - December 2007 ■ Los Angeles, CA
Assisted students to understand and draw human figures.

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